Why Inpensa Solutions?

Inpensa was built by practitioners looking for a better solution to manage the project investment life-cycle.  The traditional methods of using manual spreadsheets and thousands of man-hours with disparate systems were creating misalignment of investments and tremendous inefficiencies.
We wanted data at our fingertips to make decisions on-demand.  We have put years into the development of our platform solutions to help solve the smallest of challenges and tackle the most difficult.
When customers experience our solution for the first time there is immediate value and no turning back to spreadsheets.

We Help Our Customers Make Better Investment Decisions

By Providing Relevant Data in Real Time

Business Value Management Capabilities

Ideation & Prioritization

For Demand intake and ideation, we match supply and demand. Inpensa provides a capability for the organization to capture demand on an ongoing continuous basis.

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Portfolio Rebalancing

Project Planning means to be able to capture all initiatives that you would like to fund. The keyword is 'like to fund'. Then you need to add project prioritization to select the right projects that will get funded.

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Strategic Portfolio Planning

Demand for project dollars has always exceeded supply but that ratio has increased significantly over the recent past. Evaluating risk versus reward for one or a thousands of project proposals can be easily managed.

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Project Controls and Financial Tracking

Project Controls and Financial Tracking is the ability to look at projects from an end to end perspective. What we find is a lot of profit portfolio management solutions are focused on time-tracking tasks and scope management.

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Business Case Analysis

The business CaseIQ solution was created first and foremost to standardize the business case management process. A business case is typically used for approval to spend.

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Value & Benefits Realization

Benefits realization is the system purpose built to manage benefits realization. We look at benefits realization and managing project outcomes as a separate discipline. It is different than just tracking project if it is on time or on budget.

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Learn how Inpensa can help your business make better decisions