Why you need Value & Benefits Realization in your Organization

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Prioritize Project Spend

There is a lot of effort in prioritizing project spend, understanding which projects to invest in and tracking the project through its execution phase.

All of this work is futile if the project does not deliver the intended value or any value at all.  Recent studies show that 85% of projects fail to deliver the intended value and many fail to deliver value at all.

That is why we focus our solution to not only identify value and benefits upfront during the evaluation phase but also after the project has gone live.

We track the project period and the value period.

This provides the following benefits:

Rebalance portfolio

Ability to rebalance project portfolios based on value derived

Deliver value

Present the value of your portfolio to senior executives leveraging on-demand KPI’s and metrics

Shift to high value projects

Shift ongoing run costs from low value projects to high value projects

Elevate the discussion

Change to discussion from cost to value

Drive accountability

Hold key stake holders accountable for delivering value as promised in the business case

Based upon the unique requirements of each client, Inpensa can guide, assist, direct or manage the essential processes in support of effective business value tracking and benefits realization.


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