Portfolio Optimization

Portfolio Optimization

Prioritize Investments to Maximize Return and Minimize Risks

In every planning period, businesses are challenged with analyzing and selecting from myriad investments to create the best portfolio that is fully optimized for constraints—such as limited funding and resources—and benefits—such as cost savings and business outcomes—all while maintaining alignment with the organization’s strategy. Our Portfolio Optimization solution enables you to easily accomplish this complex and cumbersome decision-making process through scenario modeling, data visualization, and actionable analytics. With the realtime data and an intuitive user experience, the Inpensa platform empowers you to shift from quarterly or annual planning to a continuous planning cycle.

Key Features of the Inpensa Portfolio Optimization Solution

  • Guidance & threshold to set budget limits and identify above-the-line and below-the-line investments
  • Optimization scenarios based on ROI, strategic value, ability to execute, and other metrics
  • Comparison charts and graphs to analyze the portfolio from cash flow, P&L impact, capex/opex spend, saves/avoid plan, and other measurable KPIs
  • Ranking and selection through scenario simulation and projection
  • Governance through approval to funding and spending flows
  • Continuous planning using realtime data—plan revisions, actuals, and forecasts

The Inpensa Portfolio Optimization solution allows organizations to proactively respond to changes in the business processes and environment quickly, taking action with confidence and predictable outcomes.