Idea Management

Idea Management

Your employees know your company better than anyone. Crowdsource their ideas.

No one knows your company better than the people who are in the thick of it, day in and day out. Let the people who are the most committed to the success of your business help you find the next revenue opportunity or cost optimization initiative. Crowd source their ideas.

Someone you pass in the halls every day may have heard about a great new company or product. A worker you’ve never met may have identified an underutilized resource or an untapped market. Some of the best cost-saving ideas come from employees.

The tragedy is that most, if not all, of these creative insights will never see the light of day – unless you ask.

The best ideas always come from within. Inpensa’s Suggestion Box solution empowers you to capture your employees’ greatest ideas.

Key Features of Inpensa’s Suggestion Box

  • Snap up ideas from anyone in the company, from the mail room to executive row
  • Know who submitted the idea and which business they work for
  • Score these ideas against ability to execute vs. strategic value
  • Spot winners quickly by using our prioritization quadrant to identify high value initiatives
  • Stack rank ideas and align them to your business strategies
  • Promote the best ideas to the business case development process

By crowd sourcing new investment ideas from employees, you are tapping into the most knowledgeable resource in your company. Inpensa’s Suggestion Box links you to a mother lode of experience and creativity, making your business more innovative and competitive.