Funding Request Automation

Funding Request Automation

Accelerate Your Funding Request Process

Are you wondering where your investment is in the process? Who is the next person or department whose approval is needed? Did your investment make the cut? Is a time-consuming, complicated process slowing down your go-to-market date?

Accelerate your investment funding request process by digitizing the entire life-cycle from idea to business case to funding approval. Inpensa Capital Expenditure and Funding Request Automation is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Common Challenges Solved by Inpensa Capital Expenditure and Request Automation

  • Cumbersome disparate processes can make it difficult to even begin the request process, let alone see it to completion
  • Too many spreadsheet templates spread across the organization hinder understanding and complicate the process for both initiator and those who must approve the request
  • Limited to no governance and standardization
  • Manual processes and unnecessary complications result in a much too long development time and approval process for a business case
  • Opaque approval chain makes it very difficult to track and manage the flow of investments – you need to know the real-time status of your request

Key Features of Inpensa Capital Expenditure and Request Automation

  • Capture new business ideas and quickly prioritize them – a critical necessity in a global marketplace
  • Build a comprehensive business case directly on our platform
  • Compare and analyze investments with apples to apples data, impossible with non-standardized spreadsheets and complicated processes
  • Standardize business rules, financial calculations and data capture
  • Use our dynamic workflow management capability to manage the approval process – you’ll be amazed at the speed and efficiency you’ll realize
  • Set thresholds and let our system manage the approval process – this may become one of your favorite features
  • Know who is next in the approval chain
  • Reply to questions in real-time to keep the process moving along – stop waiting for delayed reports and end frustrating telephone tag

With the Inpensa Capital Expenditure and Funding Request Automation Solution, you will eliminate spreadsheets, word documents and PowerPoint presentations for investment analysis and presentations. You will also eliminate the long approval process, with endless emails, phone calls and a lot of hurry-up-and-wait.

Our typical customer experiences 50% faster approval time from idea to approval.
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