Business Case Management

Business Case Management

Digitize your Business Case Process

Are you tired of shuffling spreadsheets back and forth, struggling with multiple versions, inconsistencies and errors? There’s a better way. Using cumbersome spreadsheets to manage business cases is now a thing of the past with the Inpensa Business Case Management solution. We understand the challenges you’re facing on a daily basis. Our platform is built with an underlying framework based on best practices derived from extensive hands-on experience and continuous feedback from our customers.

Common Challenges Solved by the Inpensa Business Case Management Solution

  • A manual process that is too cumbersome, too lengthy and too labor-intensive
  • Too many spreadsheet templates used across the organization, with varying or conflicting formats and assumptions that unnecessarily complicate objective analysis
  • No governance and standardization
  • Too much time required to develop a business case, exposing the organization to possible losses in a fast-moving economy
  • Difficulty in understanding the business impact analysis at the business unit level

Key features of the Inpensa Business Case Management Solution

  • Replace spreadsheets with the Inpensa intuitive and easy to use solution
  • Standardize business rules and financial calculations such as ROI, NPV, Payback Period, and IRR
  • Capture CapEx, OpEx, and benefits (both financial and non-financial)
  • Conduct scenario analysis to quickly compare different opportunities and alternative outcomes, expediting and simplifying the decision-making process
  • Stack rank your investments
  • Align investments to your corporate strategies
  • Create a library of investments
  • Have role-based access with governance controls, allowing you to limit and track access to data
  • Compliance and Audit capability – a must-have feature when handling such important and sensitive information
  • Collaborate with your team members on investments in real-time, making sure everyone is working on the same page and increasing overall efficiency
  • Easy to understand and use dashboards for efficient analysis of business cases across businesses, strategies, etc.

With the Inpensa Business Case Management solution, you digitize your cumbersome, incompatible legacy spreadsheets. You now have real-time data at your fingertips, giving you the data you need whenever you need it. You’ll have the tools and data to accelerate the decision-making process, making your company more competitive in a worldwide, rapidly changing and expanding marketplace.

Better Business Cases. Better Decisions. More Competitive.