Benefits Realization

Benefits Realization

Digitize your Business Case Process

Manage Benefits Realization, Track ROI and Business Outcomes

What happened to all those investments you approved last month, last quarter, last year? You remember, those great investments promising impressive ROI, cost savings, new revenues, operational efficiencies, etc.?

How do you know if those approved investments are delivering on the benefits they promised to deliver?

Following the spend is only half the job. It’s just as important – perhaps even more important – to track the realized benefits. In many organizations, tracking realized benefits is very difficult and time-consuming. Yet, if you don’t know what your past spend accomplished, how do you know what your future spend should be? Should future spending be the same, increased, decreased or discontinued altogether?

The Inpensa Benefits Realization Solution goes beyond the project period, tracking benefits throughout the Value Period — the period from which value is derived. Leverage the Inpensa Benefits Realization Solution to operate your business more effectively.

Common Challenges Solved by the Inpensa Benefits Realization Solution

  • There is limited to no transparency in benefits realized
  • Tracking benefits realization with spreadsheet process is too cumbersome
  • Projects and investments cannot be connected to business outcomes – it’s like tossing money and resources into a black hole
  • Very difficult to drive accountability

Key features of the Inpensa Benefits Realization Solution

  • Capture the financial benefits you need to know, including revenues, cost savings and cost avoidance
  • Capture non-financial business outcomes such as operational efficiencies, headcount reduction, customer satisfaction, etc. These can be more difficult to quantify, but are critical for long-term success
  • Leverage our Business Value Management Framework to quickly set-up and operationalize a process
  • Drive accountability through transparency – the best work is done when people know they’re responsible
  • Use our predictive analytics to see which investments are high-risk of not delivering value – these are the investments you really need to know about before your write a check
  • Our on-demand real-time reporting will deliver KPIs instantly to help you identify issues ahead of time
  • With Inpensa Benefits Realization Solution, you will ultimately get better results and ROI from your investments.
  • You will have a command center managing the success of your investments.
  • You won’t have to wait for PowerPoint presentations every quarter in order to get critical questions answered.
  • It’s been proven that a benefits realization capability will create 10% greater efficiency in your overall budget.
Learn how the Inpensa Benefits Realization Solution could help your business.