Project Portfolio Strategic Planning

Every organization faces challenges when it comes to deciding how to make the most of their discretionary budget.

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Simplify the process

PlanIQ - imac

In an ideal environment, the answers to these example questions should be readily available but more often than not, the answers are hard to come by.

PlanIQ was purpose-built to simplify the process and provide consistent, standardized on-demand answers that significantly improve decisioning while also reducing effort.

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PlanIQ Key Benefits

Project Scoring

Several built-in project scoring techniques to choose from


Flexibility that enables a project to be independently scored by more than one user

Weighed Average

Weighted average scoring

Heat Mapping

Heat mapping to represent project scores as they relate to the portfolio

Data Points

Simple and quick ROM estimates are the only required data points


Intuitive user interface with online reference guides and FAQs 


Adaptable and configurable to avoid BAU disruption and minimize ramp-up effort