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Business Case Management Development, Standardization and Analysis Solution

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Bring Governance and Analysis to Business Cases

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Our business case management solution CaseIQ is the first automated solution for creating, managing and tracking business cases. CaseIQ solution manages M&A, Divestitures, run-the-business (Rtb) or grow-the-business (Gtb) business case development and management.

CaseIQ standardizes corporate assumptions, accounting policies and calculations across all business cases. It provides aggregate portfolio views and a workflow to manage approval processes.

Companies today are compiling business cases on spreadsheets with little to no governance and standardization. CaseIQ allows you to automate this entire process; track cost saves associated with business cases and stays in corporate compliance. It also provides scenario analysis and role-based consolidated reporting.

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Free Whitepaper - CaseIQ vs Spreadsheets

Are you using Excel spreadsheets for your business cases today?

Read this brief comparison of how our CaseIQ Business Case Management Solution compares with today's use of spreadsheets.  You may be surprised by the findings.

CaseIQ Key Benefits

Process Automation

Automates the development and creation of business cases providing P&L impacts, cash flows and key metrics

Standardization of Financials

Standardization of the following Corporate Assumptions and Financials

Aligned Financial Metrics

Calculation of financial metrics including ROI, IRR, NPV, Payback Period and more

Detailed Reporting

Provides consolidated reporting by various hierarchy points

Gtb vs. Rtb

Tracks and isolates Grow the business vs. Run the business business cases

Built-in Workflows

Provides governance and approval workflows


Intuitive user interface with online reference guides and FAQs

Cost Savings

Tracks and adds accountability to cost savings associated with business cases

Scenario Analysis

Provides scenario analysis for improved decision making