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Capturing investment proposals in the form of business cases is primarily a labor-intensive task. More often than not, organizations rely heavily on Excel worksheets and email chains to move cases along the maturity path from inception to approval or rejection.

Rationalizing investments is a very critical process that often suffers from poor data quality, inaccurate financial calculations and or a non-existent audit trail.

It is relatively easy to identify tools that address some of this functionality, but none cover the financials or the workflow like CaseIQ.

The CaseIQ SaaS solution was designed and purpose-built to resolve the top three pain points of business case development and management.

Inconsistent spreadsheets

Absent, inconsistent or inaccurate financial calculations and projections that are often found in manually held spreadsheets

Built-in Workflow

Built-in workflow that eliminates the dependence on email and vmail for business case action

Excellent Data Exchange

Automated data exchange with supporting systems of record to complete the holistic picture that is critical to informed decisioning.

Based upon the unique requirements of each client, Inpensa can guide, assist, direct or manage the essential processes in support of effective business case development and management.

CaseIQ vs. Spreadsheets

Are you using spreadsheets for your business cases today? Read this brief comparison of how our CaseIQ Business Case Management Solution compares with todays use of Excel spreadsheets.  You may be surprised of the findings.

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