Business Case Management & Analysis

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What is Business Case Management and Analysis?

The business CaseIQ solution was created first and foremost to standardize the Business Case Management Process. A business case is typically used for approval to spend.

Bring Data to Life

Inpensa takes data that you would normally key into a spreadsheet and brings it to life. It replaces absent, inconsistent or inaccurate financial calculations and projections that are often found in manually held spreadsheets.


CaseIQ allows you to do analytics around the investment which is difficult to do with spreadsheets. How it impacts your financials? Understand depreciation and timing of that depreciation?compare business cases against each other? You can stack rank different investments? How can you manage spend?


It allows you to do comparison and analysis. It gives you a standard way to calculate financial metrics. This way people aren't gaming the system by playing with the ROI calculations and adding things like soft savings and cost avoidance in their ROI calculations.

Big Benefit

The overall benefit is to get companies and organizations off spreadsheets into a system that can do more than capture data and provide the analytics. The bigger advantage is to be able to analyze the business cases in aggregate.

Built-in Workflow

Built-in workflow that eliminates the dependence on email and vmail for business case action

Excellent Data Exchange

Automated data exchange with supporting systems of record to complete the holistic picture that is critical to informed decisioning.

Approval Process

The platform has the ability to go through different stages gates and get to the approval process. The approval process is driven by the system. It can they can be driven by a dollar threshold. It could also be driven by a hierarchy threshold.

Understand Business Impact

Regardless if you're approving a hundred business cases a month or five business cases a month you will have the ability to look across those business cases and quickly understand the business impact.


Today business cases are analyzed on spreadsheets with a lot of people pulling this data together just to produce an aggregate report. The reports are done on a quarterly or monthly basis not a real-time o click pull as with CaseIQ.

CaseIQ vs. Spreadsheets

Are you using spreadsheets for your business cases today? Read this brief comparison of how our CaseIQ Business Case Management Solution compares with todays use of Excel spreadsheets.  You may be surprised of the findings.

Based upon the unique requirements of each client, Inpensa can guide, assist, direct or manage the essential processes in support of effective business case development and analysis.

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Inpensa platform is able to:

capture relevant data about a business case or project

understand the ROI

calculate Net Present Value

determine payback period

generate different scenarios

scenarios can be based on different vendors

different scenarios are available – for example for investment – build versus buy versus lease

How does it help with getting the buy-in from different stakeholders?

This is a great use case. One of the things that is very important about the business cases is the workflow process. With CaseIQ you are able to manage a very organized workflow. Part of that workflow process includes an approval process.

It gives you the ability to go through different stages gates and get to the approval process. The approval process is driven by the system. It can they can be driven by a dollar threshold. It could also be driven by a hierarchy threshold.

You have the entire approval, process in Inpensa platfrom as opposed to chasing down emails, phone calls, PowerPoints etc. Inpensa has Single Sign On. There id a link that goes out to the next approver.


They get direct access into the system, they're able to see the analysis, they're able to see comments left behind by a prior approver and get all the information they need and communicate directly with the project owner.

What you're essentially doing, the big value add here is you're reducing what could be an eight-week to three-month process. You can compress that process by about 50%. The goal is to be able to create a business case, analyze it and get it through the approval process in half the time.

You make your business and your organization incredibly more agile. You can make decisions a lot faster and that's a key benefit of the Inpensa solution.

Inpensa SaaS Platform by the Numbers

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Faster Decision


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Spreadsheets Automated

Use Case

Inpensa was created to solve for real life situations in Fortune 2000 corporations. Inpensa founders have direct experience in managing corporate planning. There were some interesting business cases. For example, one business case had a 10-year payback period on a hundred-million-dollar investment. The company would have to make that the hundred million dollars upfront and we'll break even in ten years. This is an example of a business case that was threw right back at the group initiating them. This business case wasn't funded.

Part of the role of managing corporate planning was to take all business cases over a million dollars at a T-note. Pull all the information together. Then look at what's the capital spend, what's the expense base. Then track the top 10 strategic initiatives by the highest dollar. It is important to be able to sense check some of these investments with a team that was completely independent and not connected to the initiating business units or shared services group at all. It is critical to have the ability to look at these with a fresh pair of eyes and provide input to executive management.

This was a very manual process. At the end the day the data needed scrubbing, data needed to be cleaned. The data had to be aggregated. Then the final report was produced. Almost always there were big errors. The team had to go back and fix the errors because the whole process was all driven by spreadsheets.

Inpensa provides a full solution for your business cases management and analysis needs.