An Innovative End-to-End Business Case Management Solution

Until now there has not been an alternative to traditional spreadsheet business case templates. Version management and long approval cycles with emails and PowerPoints have slowed businesses down and made them less competitive. And even after the investment has been funded, how do you know if it will ultimately deliver the value that was intended?

Introducing the Inpensa Business Case Management (BCM) Platform.

A purpose-built solution to manage the entire Enterprise Investment Lifecycle, from ideation to analysis, approval, and benefits realization.

The breakthrough Inpensa SaaS Platform solves many of the most serious challenges of managing Enterprise Investments.

You will be able to:

  • Build business cases from pre-designed best-in-class templates
  • Quickly analyze investments by ROI, NPV, Payback and other  performance metrics
  • Break through the logjam and approval bottlenecks with Inpensa  intelligent workflow management
  • Track and manage investments and projects simply, quickly and  effectively
  • Compare investments using the same criteria — avoid “apples to  oranges” comparisons
  • Avoid wading through one spreadsheet after another, searching for the facts needed to guide the best decision
  • Understand the benefits realized from investments

Inpensa’s innovative software platform automates and standardizes the process of managing corporate investments. Manually compiled spreadsheets and PowerPoints are 20th century systems in a 21st century world. Inpensa provides the objective, real-time data needed for faster, better investment decisions and management.

Capital Request & Funding Approval Solved

Every business is faced with more potential investments and projects than can be funded with its available resources. A business case needs to be prepared and presented in order to receive approval and funding.

Inpensa’s state-of-the-art platform dramatically accelerates the decision-making process by automating mundane tasks from spreadsheets and systematically calculating return on investment, net present value and other financial key performance indicators. The intuitive SaaS platform makes scrolling through endless spreadsheets a thing of the past.

Give a timely green light to projects and investments that advance the goals of the enterprise. Avoid wasting resources on proposals that don’t measure up and increase your speed to market.

Manage Benefits Realization and Project Outcomes

Knowing if investments are delivering value has become a top priority for leading executives, and tracking whether or not a project is on time and on budget can be handled with many available tools.

Benefits realization is different. You need to be able to identify and manage and track all types of benefits from investments including cost savings, cost avoidance, revenues and non-financial business outcomes.

With Inpensa, BCM Platform project outcomes are captured and measured during and after the set up period. We call this the Value Period—when you are actually deriving value or benefits from the investment—such as the ever-important customer satisfaction, reduction in head count, operational efficiencies and much more.

Platform Capabilities

Direct Data Capture

Enter data directly in the system

Dynamic Workflow Management

Workflow that does the thinking for you

Business Rules Engine

Allows for customized calculations and standardization

Intelligent Role-Based Access

Multidimensional role based access that scales from simple to the most complex environment

API for Data Integration

Connecting with your data is as simple as API

Top Grade Security & Data Encryption

Continuous data security enhancement provides the most secure environment on the planet