Digital Business Case Management

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and manual processes...
Say hello to collaboration, standardization, and automation.

Inpensa's easy to use Platform helps professionals make & manage more timely & effective strategic investment decisions at some of the world's largest, most forward thinking organizations.

Our free Business Case Version lets organizations of all sizes enjoy the Inpensa Advantage.

Transform Your Investment Governance Process

  • Significantly increase ROI for strategic initiatives
  • Manage Capital Planning in a single system
  • Create business cases collaboratively with all stakeholders
  • Review, approve, and track investments from anywhere
  • Track benefits realization and map to benefits initially contemplated
  • High fidelity visibility for real time expense management
  • Build business cases from pre-designed best-in-class templates
  • Manage Capital Planning in a single system
  • Control your expenses with a few clicks
  • Track and approve investments from anywhere
  • Realize intended benefits from investments
  • Significantly increase projects and investments ROI

Platform Capabilities

Full Investment Life-Cycle

From idea, to business case, to benefits

Dynamic Workflow Management

End-to-end process automation

Business Rules Engine

Powerful routing, data handling, calculations and more

Policy-Based Access

Profile driven role-based engagement throughout

Actionable Analytics

Dashboards, reporting and portfolio management capabilities

Top Grade Security-and-Data-Encryption
Data Acquisition

API integration and flexible direct data capture