Why innovative companies choose BVM framework?

Executives across many industries are realizing that they cannot effect change without understanding the impact of that change (both before and after it has taken place). Below are some common reasons innovative executives are adopting Business Value Management.

Change Management

Understand the impact of change

Real-Time Reports

Gain access to real-time reports and analytics to improve decision capability

One Source of Truth

Single source of truth for value identification and management

Accelerate Decision

Have visibility into analytics that will improve and accelerate the decision process

ROI Analysis

Leverage prioritization and ROI analysis to determine high value investment


Drive cost efficiency and value creation

Improve Value

Prioritize investments and rebalance project portfolio to eliminate or reduce low value initiatives

CtB to RtB

Understand investment impact to business and services change-the-business to run-the-business (CtB to RtB)

Better fund allocation

Shift scarce project funding from run-the-business to change-the-business

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