What is Business Value Management (BVM)

Business Value Management is a methodology that is focused on identifying, managing and tracking the value (examples below) of strategic investments.

Many executives today are making decisions on millions of dollars of investments without truly understanding the business value of the investment.

Also, without visibility into the business outcomes, they are unsure if the intended benefits are being realized.

   BVM Life-Cycle

  • A holistic approach to align new investments and business-as-usual spend to strategic goals and business priorities

  • A systematic and foundational approach to identify, track and manage business value and outcomes

  • Focus on TVO (Total Value of Ownership) instead of project-level tasks, resource planning, and time tracking

  • Track beyond the project timeline to identify and realize the expected value and ROI

  • Shift funds from low value to high value investments

Business Value Management Life-Cycle v4

Examples of Business Value Measurement

PlanIQ - ipad pro v1


  • 32% ROI

  • 37.2% Return over 5 years

  • 21.75% IRR over 5 years

  • Expected payback in 3.2 years

CaseIQ - laptop

Revenue Growth

  • 35% year-over-year revenue growth for 5 years

  • 40% for annual sales for the first 3 years. A sustainable growth of 25%

PlanIQ - imac

Cost Savings

  • $5M savings in resource efficiency over 10 years

  • 20% volume discount

  • Reduced downtime improvement of $1.23M

CaseIQ - laptop


  • Improve customer satisfaction rating from 65% to 90%

  • Reduce power consumption by 15% over 5 years

  • Increase production by 10%

  • Improve time from R&D to go-to market by 22%