Enterprise Business Value Management

Inpensa is focused on helping organizations truly understand the benefits of every dollar spent. The combination of the solutions below makes up the Enterprise Business Value Management comprehensive solution offering.

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Project Planning & Prioritization

Project Planning means being able to capture all initiatives that you would like to fund. The keywords are 'like to fund'. Project Prioritization allows you to select the right projects to fund.

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Demand Intake & Ideation

For Demand Intake and Ideation, we match supply and demand. Inpensa provides a capability for the organization to capture demand on an ongoing continuous basis.

Your business needs to change and adapt. Inpensa SaaS platform has the ability to take all the new ideas flowing through the system and it is able to take the demand and match it up against supply.

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Business Case Management & Analysis

The business CaseIQ solution was created first and foremost to standardize the Business Case Management Process. A business case is typically used for approval to spend.

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Project Controls & Financial Tracking

Project Controls and Financial Tracking is the ability to look at projects from an end to end perspective. What we find is a lot of project portfolio management solutions are focused on time-tracking tasks and scope management.

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Benefits Realization & Project Outcomes

Inpensa SaaS platform is a system purpose-built to manage benefits realization. We look at benefits realization and managing project outcomes as a separate discipline. It is different than just tracking project if it is on time or on budget.

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Capital Planning

Capital Planning allows you to make projections over a period of time.  Many progressive organizations are moving from an annual twelve-month planning cycle to a more continuous planning process.

Proper Capital Planning means to be able to understand what your capital spend will be and then the follow-on of that. It is also to be able to track that capital spend over time and re-project on an ongoing basis.

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Project Budgeting

Project Budgeting (Annual and Continuous) is a challenge for a lot of organizations. We see more and more companies going from an annual project budget into more of a continuous planning cycle. The benefit of that is that you have visibility beyond twelve months into your spend.

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Resource & Demand Planning

For Resource and Demand Planning Inpensa developed a solution that is able to align the resources available to the demand from the organization.

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Project Portfolio Strategic Planning

Demand for project dollars has always exceeded supply but that ratio has increased significantly over the recent past.

Evaluating risk versus reward for one or a handful of project proposals can be managed without much inconvenience.

The real challenge surfaces when the influx of requests impacts the ability to choose the best proposals for advancement.

That challenge is further compounded by the lack of or the enforcement of an immature process.

Without the benefit of standardization, many organizations become truly blind when it comes to allocating discretionary spend.

Challenges Faced by Executives

Which projects to invest in?

Are we achieving the ROI and benefits?

What is the ROI of the investments?

How to manage 1000's of projects?

Are projects aligned with our strategy?

How to shift investment from the low value to high-value projects?

Inpensa is exceptionally qualified to offer assistance in this area because we recognize and leverage the complementary value each system of record brings to the solution.

The Inpensa product line bridges the tool and process gap without overlap.

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