Resource & Demand Planning

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What is Resource & Demand Planning?

For Resource and Demand Planning Inpensa developed a solution that is able to align the resources available to the demand from the organization.

Resource Planning

Inpensa resource and demand planning capability can look at individuals in terms of roles, business units. There can be internal or external resources - and we want to compare and map data against the demand of the organization

Demand for projects

The demand is in the form of projects and initiatives that we can plan for. For example, during a fiscal year, how many specific resources we need to support the portfolio of projects or initiatives.

 Understand resources constraints

This is incredibly helpful in providing a bigger picture. The last thing you want to do is to have the same resources over-committed to other initiatives. What ends up happening is significant delays in that process if you are over booking initiatives.


What the Inpensa solution does is it allows you to allocate and align at the individual resource level. It shows a resource time for projects. What this will do is it will show you various reports. How that resource is being utilized?

Match Demand & Supply

How particular projects are doing? What are the requirements of those projects? What are the resources required to successfully complete those projects? How they are being budgeted? The goal of this solution is to match demand and supply.

Resources Management

It also shows oversupply and over demand. It identifies where you need additional resources. It shows if those resources are available internally or externally. Then you can look at that on aggregate level so you are able to plan accordingly.

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