Product Overview

Inpensa’s BVM suite is a comprehensive and fully integrated family of products that can be offered as either a cloud-based SaaS model or on-premise installation to fit your business needs.

Our technology platform is robustly secured that has been rigorously tested for network penetration testing and it meets the stringent standards and guidelines of vulnerability assessment set forth by some of the most secure sensitive industries.

Business Value Management

Our purpose-built BVM suite offers unique core capabilities that can be delivered either independently or as a fully integrated BVM offering.


PlanIQ is the product that implements the best practice approach toward prioritizing projects and balancing portfolios across the enterprise. It systematically defines ROI, objectively rates projects, and decisively weeds out low priority investments thereby aligning new investments and business-as-usual spend to strategic goals and business priorities.

Process Managed

Prioritization & Scoring
Portfolio Planning
Strategy Alignment
Final Project Plan
Continuous Planning

PPM Data Integration

Time Tracking
Milestone Tracking
High-Level Financing


CaseIQ is the most comprehensive Business Case Management tool that you can find in the market today. It is a foundational tool that focuses not just the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) but the Total Value of Ownership (TVO) to compute ROI, establish value, and justify spend. It implements the complete workflow of business case development (draft -> review -> approve) and empowers users with what-if scenario analysis and aggregated reporting and analytics.

Process Managed

CapEx/OpEx Capture
ROI Analysis
Scenario Planning
Business Impact Analysis
Approval Workflow
Data Integration

Reduce Use of Spreadsheets

Consolidate Spreadsheets


ResourceIQ is the mos flexible Resource Planning tool that provides Top-down Planning, Bottom-up Planning and Role-based Planning. It provides Resource Tracking and recording of actual in terms of time units (hours or days) and cost.  It makes calculations of resource cost based on rate card, fiscal calendar, and work calendar. Forecasting of resource needs and reporting of variance to plan are built in. It is fully integrated with the rest of BVM line of products.

Process Managed

Resource Demand Planning
Time Tracking
Actual to Plan variance
Resource Utilization Analysis
Resource Allocation
Workflow Management

Data Integration

Other tools


TracIQ is our ROI tracking and value realization tool that reports the performance of initiatives that are under way. It focuses beyond the project period to track the expected ROI, revenue growth, cost saves, and business outcomes and to report variance.

Process Managed

Benefits Realization Tracking
Scorecards & KPI Dashboards
Actual to Plan variance
Portfolio Analysis & Rebalancing
Continous Planning
Workflow Management

General Ledger

Plan & forecast