Demand Intake & Ideation

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What is Demand Intake and Ideation?

For Demand Intake and Ideation, we match supply and demand. Inpensa provides a capability for the organization to capture demand on an ongoing continuous basis.

Your business needs to change and adapt. Inpensa SaaS platform has the ability to take all the new ideas flowing through the system and it is able to take the demand and match it up against supply.


Organize Demand

It is a combination of triaging the demand, categorize them in a way that shows the greatest demand measured against risk. Then the tool can map all that in terms of supply. Supply can be resource dollars, can be people, etc. Now you can align your assets, resources and people to the right projects.

Analyze Demand

You are also able to add an aggregate level to understand where the demand is coming from. Is the demand coming from a single business unit? Do you have too much demand in a category? How is the demand aligned with strategies? How much of that demand is driven by areas that you don't control?

Plan Ahead of Time

For example, compliance and risk. If you have a significant change in regulation, you may have significant demand coming in that you must plan for and so the system allows you to see that ahead of time and plan accordingly.

Based upon the unique requirements of each client, Inpensa can guide, assist, direct or manage the essential processes in support of effective Demand Intake and Ideation.

What is the biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge is matching supply and demand. People move regularly within corporations so ability to trend demand suffers. Today things are done in a reactive way. With Inpensa platform you can be proactive. If you look at demand over time, you can start to trend demand, you can start to anticipate and expect that you have higher demand in Q4 versus Q1.

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20% savings enabled

One good example is Mainframe. It has the highest demand in Q1 and Q2 across financial services industry and it trends down in Q3 and tails off in Q4. The main reason is that fact there is a significant amount of transactions that take place in Q1 and Q2. Some of those transactions are driven by taxes, some of those driven by investment transactions leading up to taxes and tax transactions as well and a lot of those transactions because they rely heavily on a lot of calculations, they're ran a mainframe because it can process faster. The point is the client needed to put in place a capability to manage the demand intake. With the use of the platform we could identify this very specific trend and then plan for it accordingly. The result was a 20% reduction in mainframe spend.

Which Inpensa tool is recommended as starting point?

It really depends upon the needs of the client. The specific needs of the customer come first. We need to understand what is your biggest pain point. Then we can recommend a module or multiple modules that meet those needs.


For example, if someone has the has the pain point of getting thousands of requests for projects spend, PlanIQ may be the area to start. We can evaluate those pain points at the high level.

What is your challenge?

We need to understand the specific problems you have when developing and managing the business case process. How you evaluate demand for projects, how do you understand and make decisions which initiatives to fund? How do you do that? What spreadsheets are you using today?

Your Process & CaseIQ

How the overall process works? How do you bring the demand and supply together using templates and spreadsheets? This process is very resource intensive. So maybe a good way to start is with CaseIQ solution.

Is TracIQ enough?

Other clients may want to just do the tracking of projects. They have the ideation done upfront, they have a good handle on that but they may want to look at the business case or the tracking of those business cases so it's not one size fits all. Inpensa model the solution that's appropriate for each client.

Inpensa models the solution that is appropriate for each client.

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