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Business Case Management & Analysis

Business Cases becomes digital.  Inpensa Business Case Management Solution if the only purpose built solution that accelerated the business decision process with objective real-time data.  Our solution replaces the manual spreadsheet process and lengthy approval processes with an intuitive easy to use SaaS platform.

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Benefits Realization & Value Management

Benefits Realization is at the forefront of leading innovative organizations.  Inpensa Value Management & Benefits Realization capability help organizations realize a higher ROI of the investments and makes them more competitive.  Sign up for a demo and we will gladly show you  how you can go from reactive investment management to a proactive and results driven process.

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Enterprise Investment Management Products Suite


PlanIQ – Inpensa PlanIQ solution manages the product ideation, and prioritization processes. It also aligns initiatives to corporate strategies and facilitates portfolio planning. PlanIQ systematically defines ROI, objectively rates projects, and decisively weeds out low priority investments thereby identifying the highest value investments to create a balanced portfolio. PlanIQ also facilitates continuous planning for forward looking three to five year plans.

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CaseIQ – Inpensa CaseIQ is the most comprehensive Business Case Management solution on the market today and replaces the typical manual spreadsheet process. It is a purpose built solution that manages the entire funding request lifecycle process. CaseIQ systematically computes the ROI, NPV, IRR and payback period of any type of investment. It implements the complete workflow of business case development and empowers users with what-if scenario analysis to compare alternative investments.

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TracIQ – Inpensa TracIQ is an ROI tracking and value realization solution that reports the performance of initiatives that are under way. It focuses beyond the project period to track the expected ROI, revenue growth, cost saves, and business outcomes and provides reports on plan, vs. forecast and actuals. TracIQ provides a “benefits realization capability” that helps organizations optimize their investments using real-time data.

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